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Sonja Vracko Canter Pirouhette

Sonja Vracko
USAE and CEF “S” Judge

Sonja Vracko has been a competitor, Trainer, Judge and Clinician in Canada, and the United States since the early Seventies.

Sonja has competed, trained and judged through Grand Prix. Born in Germany, She has studied with Willi Schultheis, and in Switzerland with Christine Stückelberger and Georg Wahl, in Lipica with Ducan Mavec.


Sonja with Willi Schultheis in Warendorf

Sonja began teaching in the United States in 1969. She created View Ridge Farm Equestrian Center in 1978, where to this day she trains riders and horses through all levels. During yearly horse purchasing trips for clients, Sonja keeps up with her education and rides with some of the top European trainers. She also hosts clinics at her farm with well renowned European Clinicians.


“I have known Mrs. Sonja Vracko for about forty years. I have seen her riding excellently, coached her well-prepared students and co-judged with her at many Dressage shows. Some of her riding pictures were also gracing one of my books.

Sonja knows the subject of Classical horsemanship and uses correct methodology to transmit it to others. She was always a knowledgeable, accurate and impartial Dressage judge, much valued by riders and most often invited to officiate.”

Charles de Kunffy,
(author of 8 books on dressage, clinician & judge in the US and abroad)

Although she has coached top riders and trainers competing at the highest levels, Sonja also enjoys helping those new to dressage develop harmonious partnerships with their horses.


Homebred Thoroughbred, 3 Years Old, Breaking to Ride

Sonja has a deep and instant understanding of her equine clients and is skilled at making them feel happy and safe while performing their best, through clear and balanced communication.

She’s also known for helping her students understand the perspective from the judge’s booth, making it easy for them to understand what is expected and improve their scores.


Dr. Reiner Klimke

Sonja Vracko is one of the most experienced and respected horsewomen in dressage today.

Her own mentors include Willi Schultheis, Christine Stueckelberger and Georg Wahl, Dr. Reiner Klimke, Ducan Mavec, and Wolfgang Niggly – presiding judge at the Olympics for 12 years and clinician at View Ridge Farm.

View Ridge Farm, Sonja’s park-like facility in Woodinville, WA has long been called “the horse hilton” because of its comfortable accommodations and excellent care.

To inquire about boarding at View Ridge Farm, or to engage Sonja’s services as a trainer, clinician or judge, CONTACT SONJA HERE.

On a personal note-Sonja is an artist in multiple artistic mediums, such as pottery, large clay sculptures and painting.


She also welds and forges to make expressive metal sculptures and expresses herself in Digital Photography.

Sonja is a firm believer in staying physically fit and achieves this through biking, Yoga and Tai-Chi,swimming and of course daily riding when she is not traveling to judge or give clinics.